About Us

PlugMePlease is Sweden’s first exclusive sneaker and streetwear store, focused on curating the most exclusive and sought after sneaker & streetwear garments from all around the world. We at PMP strive to provide a wide range of exclusive sneakers that you won’t find at any regular sneaker store, alongside rare streetwear, vintage and collectibles. Browse our selection on our webshop or visit our shop on Åsögatan 136 in Södermalm of Stockholm for an even wider selection of items. The products we serve are both brand new or in pristine second-hand condition. Every item sold at PlugMePlease is guaranteed authentic.

Our concept at PlugMePlease is based on Buy/Sell/Trade meaning that we deal with second-hand garments. Using what already exists makes far more sense: it saves resources, it reduces emissions and minimises waste. By buying, selling & trading at PMP you help better the environment.

Check us out on Instagram @PlugMePlease to stay updated on any news, products and upcoming events.

Our Story

PlugMePlease is a story about the friendship between two 19-year-olds that sparked through the sheer passion for sneakers and streetwear. After meeting a lot of different people sharing a mutual interest in sneaker campouts and Swedish sneaker forums, we realized that we were participating in something bigger than simply hunting for a particular shoe. It became evident that we were taking part in a culture. This culture was continuously evolving through the connection of people and their passion and interest for sneakers and streetwear.

With this growing culture we realized that Sweden was missing a place for this community to come together and connect. This is when PlugMePlease was created in 2017. The first and only exclusive sneaker and streetwear store in Sweden. A place where people can buy, sell, and trade the biggest streetwear brands in the world while connecting with a community sharing the same passion.