Sell to us



Check the condition

At PlugMePlease you can sell or trade your unwanted items. Our buyout service is only for relevant sneakers, clothing and collectibles. We accept both brand new and pre-owned items as long as the condition is acceptable. Before bringing an item to our store make sure the condition is decent and that there are no major flaws such as holes or big stains. Shoes that you wish to sell to us must include the original box and features they came with when originally purchased.


Visit us in store

Bring the items you wish to sell with us to our store on Åsögatan 136 in Stockholm, Sweden. We are currently not accepting submissions through shipment but we are working on a system for those outside of Stockholm who wish to sell with us in the coming future.


Authenticity and condition control

At the store our fellow staff will check the authenticity and condition of your product. Once your item is confirmed authentic, we will agree on a price for the buyout. You can also trade your unwanted items for other items in our store that share an equal value. We accept cash additions if you wish to trade for an item of a higher value. Our trading offer will always be higher than our buyout offer.


Cash out

When using our buyout service, you will be paid upfront. The agreed price will be paid to you via bank transfer or PayPal for international sellers. Please bring a valid government issued ID when selling your items to us. All deals are final and can not be returned.